Think back 20 years — what were you doing in the year 2000?

A few of you were probably rocking some low-rise jeans (with rhinestones, perhaps?). Cell phones were gaining popularity but the iPhone was still seven years from hitting the scene. We used LiveJournals and AOL Instant Messenger, not Facebook. Faith Hill and Santana topped the Billboard singles chart.

We could reminisce for hours about the trends and memories from 20 years ago, but one pivotal moment we’re most proud of: It was the year WriterGirl was born.

20 years of WriterGirl

There’s a lot we could say about how WriterGirl has grown over the last two decades. We’ve built up our team and added new clients, but we’ve also learned a lot of valuable lessons and grown as writers and marketers.

We’re not teenagers anymore.

WriterGirl website in 2005

The WriterGirl website circa 2005.

WriterGirl website in 2011

The WriterGirl website in 2011. Check out those superhero graphics!

As we mark 20 years of WriterGirl, we’ve topped 20 full-time employees and dozens of writers, editors, project managers and designers who work on healthcare content every day. We’ve partnered with hundreds of organizations in the healthcare space, including hospitals and health systems, insurance providers, specialty clinics, agencies and companies that serve healthcare institutions.

“Although I’m a professional wordsmith, it’s hard to come up with words to adequately describe my appreciation to all of the wonderful people who have helped WriterGirl become what it is today,” says Christy Pretzinger, CEO of WriterGirl. “We have awesome clients that we love building relationships with and countless associates across the country who tirelessly put their talents to work for those clients.”

“And we have 20 (Wow! That’s a lot!) employees who continue to use their individual magic to make the whole of WriterGirl greater than the sum of its parts,” Pretzinger adds. “I look forward to many more years of being empowered, curious, kind and fun with all of you. Thank you!”

So, what’s next?

We can’t predict the future, but we hope we can spend the next 20 years building even stronger relationships with our clients. We also want to stay curious and keep learning — as the healthcare industry changes, we want to be ready to meet the content needs that come with that evolution.

And of course, we’re going to have fun every step of the way.

WriterGirl team

The WriterGirl team

How we’re celebrating 20 years

Get ready for one giant, year-long birthday party.

Over the next eleven months, we’ll celebrate WriterGirl’s 20th birthday with special blog posts, flashback photo albums and unique perspectives from the WriterGirl team members who have been here through the decades.

Each month will have a theme as we mark “20 years of…”, so keep your eyes peeled for fun social media posts and content from our archives. Since we’re kicking off our celebration in February, we’ll start by showcasing 20 years of love here at WriterGirl.

We’ll also be celebrating at the many conferences we’re planning to attend in 2020. Be on the lookout for special prizes at these events.

20 years of WriterGirl logo

Notice something different? Check out the revamped logo for our 20th birthday celebration!

Do you have WriterGirl memories to share?

Which WriterGirl moments should we add to our 20th birthday scrapbook? Please share your memories with us!

Here are a few ways to join in on the fun:

  • Leave a story or memory in the comments section below
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Here’s to another 20 years!