Reading my junk email is my favorite hobby. That’s because there are so many examples of strong headline writing.

Take a look at these:

Open me, I’m kind of a big deal (Orbitz)

24 hours. 2 sales. Ready, go! (West Elm)

Health and Beauty Deals to Combat the Cruel Effects of Time (Groupon)

Why aren’t more hospital marketers writing subject lines like this?

Sure, we know you can’t offer patients a 20 percent off deal to Cancun (I’m looking at you, American Airlines), but you can offer patients information they need to know about. However, they aren’t going to know about it, unless they open your email. They’ll open your email if they like your subject line.

Remember, you’re not just competing against other promotional emails. You’re competing with a patient’s personal emails, social media notifications and oh, yeah — work emails, too.

But what happens if you’re working with a conservative C-suite that doesn’t enjoy a little playfulness? Here’s a trick: Consider doing some A/B testing. That means half of your audience would get an email with one subject line (fun one); the other half would get the email with the other subject line (standard one). If anybody from your C-suite questions you about the email, you have the data to prove which email subject line did the best.

We have a feeling it will be the fun one.