Every March, WriterGirl is eager to celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day. We take this time to recognize the achievements and contributions women have made throughout American history. It’s also a time to acknowledge the work that needs to be done as we push for women’s equality. Women's History Month quote

It’s great to look back and honor women for their brilliance, leadership, creativity and service. But in 2021, I choose to celebrate the women making history right now. These women aren’t plotting a mission to Mars, leading a civil rights movement or creating an artistic masterpiece. They’re women who never imagined a pandemic could upend their 21st century lives.

COVID-19’s historical impact on women’s lives

The women I honor this year juggle virtual school, remote work and broker the in-home real estate and power grids to make it all possible.

They’re women who redefine nimble as they lead a small business through a fragile economy.

They’re sisters who miss hugs and holidays with extended family.

They’re grandmas who need to hold that new baby soon and daughters scouting vaccine options for elderly parents.

These women are my WriterGirl colleagues, my friends and my neighbors. They’re all of us.

Fifteen months into the pandemic, the stark reality is COVID-19 impacts nearly every aspect of women’s lives. A quick internet search delivers plentiful data on how the virus’ affects women’s mental health, women’s rights and women’s careers. Consider these stats:

It’s always been easy for me to look at history as something other people make. This Women’s History Month, that’s no longer possible. Let’s use this time to celebrate women’s achievements in all of their many forms. And maybe most importantly, celebrate you.

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