By Lyn Engle

Winning the inbox: 4 essential email marketing tips

Take one look at your personal or work inbox and it’s not hard to believe the number of emails sent worldwide in 2017 reached 269 BILLION each day. And that is only projected to grow. Keeping up can feel like racing against an avalanche.

As healthcare marketers, the emails you send face stiff competition in those stuffed inboxes. Do you have a winning strategy to break through? Here are four essential WriterGirl email marketing tips:

  • Be relevant. Take the time to learn what topics your current or future customers want to hear more about via a quick online survey. Then offer tips and other information that will be meaningful and useful. You’ll be meeting a customer’s need and building trust
  • Stay crisp. If a reader can’t quickly grasp the key points and take action, they’ll move on. Write in plain language. Aim for scannable, short paragraphs. Make sure your email format is mobile-friendly. Keep subject lines concise and use a recognizable name and email address in the “from” fields.
  • Be strategic. You’ve heard it before. Email campaigns are the work horses of your content marketing program. Keep them ready to win:
    • Collect and study email data, then use it to improve future campaigns and content.
    • Develop an annual plan but be prepared to jettison it for a timely topic or opportunity that will entice more opens.
    • Keep your email lists clean. Bounces and spam notifications damage your reputation. Purge outdated contacts and confirm recipients’ preferences to improve deliverability, and ultimately, engagement.
  • Stay savvy. Email has been around a while, but like all things digital, it’s evolving almost as fast as the devices used to read it. Complying with email marketing regulations is not optional; it’s the law. Find what you need to know via your email automation tool provider, or a visit a reputable online source such as the Federal Trade Commission.

What email tactics help you win the inbox race? Share your ideas in the comments.