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Personal health and wellness is always top of mind at the start of the year. We make New Year’s resolutions in January to eat healthy and use the gym more often, and in February we dedicate our attention to heart health.

But wellness is something to consider year-round. Especially when it comes to the content you share with your patients and clients. A recent report shows that “wellness content” is one of the healthcare marketing trends providers should jump on in 2018.

Continuing the trend

Providing more value to patients is a healthcare marketing trend that will continue in 2018, according to the report published by PatientPop. Wellness content is a perfect example of this; it gives usable information to patients to better their lives and improve their overall health. In return, it helps you form a better relationship with your patients and build trust for your hospital or practice.

What is wellness content?

Wellness content focuses on changes patients can make in their everyday lives. It could be a blog post, short video or a quick email reminder. Think about covering topics such as:

  • Nutrition and healthy eating. Talk with a nutritionist or dietician who can make recommendations on healthy snack options, calorie counting and how to manage healthy portions. You can also try sharing healthy recipes, which are always popular.
  • Exercise advice. Consider chatting with an exercise physiologist or personal trainer who can provide ideas for patients starting a fitness routine.
  • Ideas for how to stay active throughout the day. Discuss the importance of taking regular walking breaks and how to avoid a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Tips for a healthy mind. How can patients keep a clear head in the midst of day-to-day life? Talk with a social worker or therapist, or discuss ways patients can use meditation tools and breathing exercises.

If you don’t have an expert to interview – don’t panic! Chances are, you have staff members who have some great advice based on personal experience. Here at WriterGirl, we love sharing some of our team’s own wellness tips, like how we keep our hearts strong, or what we do to maintain a healthy work from home routine.

Track the trends

Aside from general wellness content, don’t forget to keep your eyes on trending health topics. Is there a new superfood that has a lot of buzz? A new workout that is gaining in popularity? Taking the time to give your patients the low-down on these trends will continue to build that trust – they’ll know that you’re looking out for them and helping them live their healthiest life.

What type of wellness content do you like to share with your patients or clients? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter.