Maximize content fulfillment through a supply chain approach.

With almost 80% of Internet users going online for health related information, it’s no surprise that healthcare marketers are overwhelmed and looking for help. Put simply, it’s a matter of supply and demand… the demand is strong but the supply chain is fragmented. For example, content is often produced and managed in silos. Marketing, Human Resources, Nursing… each area of the organization has a message to share and a strategy and budget to accomplish it.

In today’s healthcare world, organizations are looking at ways to manage their resources – both financial and human. Continuing to approach content with a fragmented approach doesn’t allow for effective management of any resources, and in fact produces myriad risks, including:

  • Creating individual “cultures” that fracture tone and voice across the organization.
  • Building walls instead of breaking down barriers, making it difficult to collaborate and optimize best practices.
  • Introducing redundancies which create escalating – and avoidable – expenses.
  • Forming teams that are tactical instead of strategic.
  • Creating challenging management situations: Silos run deep, not wide, making cooperation virtually impossible.

Because silos are silent, they’re easy to ignore. You may not even realize how deep your silos run, and the exponential costs you’re incurring as a result.

We all know that the best content is custom content. And, operationalizing custom content is very challenging. Perhaps there’s an opportunity to operationalize the process, not the deliverables. Beginning with an audit across the organization to identify such as things as redundancies and best practices, then building an enterprise-wide solution for fulfillment… a high functioning supply chain for content, if you will.

Whether it’s an employee needing information about a benefits package or a potential patient researching the best care for a loved one, every hospital needs to be a resource for that person, at that moment. You need to meet them where they are and provide the information they need.

WriterGirl is uniquely poised to help you create that content supply chain. With more than 45 certified WriterGirl associates, we have the capacity to handle high-volume projects, even on tight timeframes. And we produce the highly custom content that Google loves.

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