colleen blog pictureI started working for WriterGirl four years ago. I knew the minute that I interviewed that I would love the job. I have a real passion for healthcare and consider myself digital “savvy” (as cliché as that sounds) – what a perfect fit! We talk content everyday and care deeply about providing only the best content for our clients.

Providing compelling content to patients is important – and the words on a page took on a whole new meaning for me two year later…

Not one, but two, of my very best friends were diagnosed with cancer. All of the sudden, the content and work that we do at WriterGirl became personal. I spent endless days and nights talking to my best friend about her cancer symptoms. I watched as she stared down at her iPhone and googled “pancreatic cancer”. She researched and read many physician profiles because it was important for her to find the ‘best of the best’ oncologist. I sat beside her during her chemo treatments where on the side table lie pamphlets and flyers that explained how chemo works. She was taking in every word – with both hope and fear.

You know the saying that “Content is King”. Well it is, but it’s also very personal when you are fighting for your life. Every word means something. You want to be educated enough to understand what your doctors are saying but not scared away by all the what-ifs. The personal journey I rode along with both my friends has a happy ending. They both fought the fight. They both won. They are living each day to the fullest. And, me… I have a new appreciation for my job and what we do at WriterGirl.