It doesn’t matter if you’re in a giant hospital system or a rural physician practice – engaging with a patient for sixty seconds outside of a scheduled office visit is a content marketing win.

Creativity, a smartphone, and a little bit of time may not land you an Oscar. But, it may help deliver unexpected value to a patient. Snappy health tips, relatable patient stories and funny Facebook Live moments are memorable and engaging when done well. Here are five basic tips to get the most out of your DIY videos:

  1. Buy an external microphone for your smartphone. Bad audio will not win you repeat views. They are priced to fit every budget, easy to use and make a world of difference.
  2. Freeze! Really. Hold your phone steady, and if you can’t, use a tripod or gimbal. Nothing says amateur quite like shaky video.
  3. Put your phone in Airplane mode to avoid unnecessary interruptions in the middle of your almost-perfect story.
  4. It’s tempting to share right after capturing the perfect piece of video – we know, Snapchat. But, a few minutes of editing can pay big rewards. A laptop is still preferable, but a robust phone app is fine. Voiceover and transitions are easy fixes.
  5. Experiment to get the most out of your smartphone. Learn what it can do. Play with auto exposure and auto focus settings. Explore available add-ons such as lens attachments and master the basics of videography. Soon you’ll be ready to capture, and share, quality video content like a pro.

What tips do you have for capturing video content like a pro? Share it with us in a comment. Or, do you have a clip you’re really proud of? Share a link below!