Do you look forward to the NFL playoffs or the Oscar nominations during the dreary, cold days of January and February? Maybe you like looking over lists of best books or news stories from the year?

Reflecting on the accomplishments of the past year is a good way to transition into the new one. At WriterGirl, we love to celebrate our successes and use them to build for the future. We’ve created vision boards, set goals and mulled over our intentions for 2019.

In that spirit, we wanted to share our most popular blog posts of 2018. Our Word Up! blog is designed to deliver interesting and relevant content to our readers each week, and we hope you enjoy it. Our whole team pitches in to create these posts.

In recognition of all the hard work and creativity that goes into this labor of language-love, here’s a look back at our readers’ favorite posts from 2018:

Create trustworthy content with 4 simple tips

WriterGirl extraordinaire Elaine Zeinner offers up great points to build trust with your audience.

Plain language matters to your message

Our passion for plain language is clear and compelling in this great post by wonderful WriterGirl Carol Williams.

8 tips for getting the most out of an SME interview

Subject matter expert interviewer Melanie Graham shares her knowledge on the subject of SME interview success.

Grammatical errors. Oh, the horror!

If you missed this fun Halloween-themed post on how grammar can go terribly wrong – catch up now!

Video content DIY tips

If you’re venturing into video, ace WriterGirl Lyn Engle’s post will give you courage to proceed.

What’s next in content marketing

Speaking of video…and Instagram stories and podcasts…Elaine’s look at what’s hot and what’s not is a good start to inspire your 2019 content strategy.


It’s obvious from this list that our readers like practical tips and advice (and fun) to stay on top of their professional content creation.  Stay tuned for more great insights each week with Word Up! in 2019.

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