It’s not easy keeping a blog editorial calendar packed with new content, especially if you’re part of a small content team or running the show solo. You can take advantage of guest content and user-generated content to help fill out your blog content, or tap outside resources like the experts at WriterGirl.

But have you ever considered using existing content to supplement your blog’s editorial calendar?

Refreshing old blog content is an easy way to keep your blog relevant to readers and optimized for SEO. A post that’s three or four years old can still be interesting and useful if you take some time to update the content. Here are a few tips:

Correct outdated information

Read through the post and make sure all the facts and figures are still up-to-date and accurate. Perhaps there is a more recent statistic you could use, or a new study you can link to.

Add a fresh quote to the post

Look for opportunities to add a fresh point of view to the article. Tap your organization’s subject matter experts (SMEs) for opinions or new research that could add value to the post.

Optimize blog content for SEO

How is the blog content performing against your targeted keywords? Look for opportunities to re-frame the article so it maps well against the search terms you are trying to rank for.

Add new media to the article

Look for related videos that can support the story – adding videos to a blog post or web page can boost user engagement. Or, if you don’t have video content, try finding new photos or images that will give the post a fresh look. 

Update the blog post’s publication date

Once you’ve made your changes, be sure to update the article’s timestamp. This can help boost the article’s ranking on Google, as the search engine sees it as fresh content. If your blog platform doesn’t give the option to have the updated publication date alongside the original, we recommend adding an editor’s note in the post mentioning you have updated it from the original version.

Choosing which content to update will depend on your organization’s content marketing strategy. If you’re trying to fill content gaps for your main SEO keywords, try looking at updating existing content to fill those holes.

You can also look at some of your most popular blog posts and find related content that doesn’t see as much engagement. Updating those low engagement posts with new media, a fresh quote or more timely facts could help increase readership.

How do you keep your content fresh? Share your ideas in the comments section below!