To create great content in the healthcare world, you need expert input. Often, that’s going to be from a physician.

Interviewing a doctor can be intimidating. After all, physicians are busy, highly trained experts that have better things to do than talking to you — like, for instance, saving lives.

Here are three R’s to be more confident and get the most out of a physician interview.


Use the precious time you have with a physician to get the information you can’t get anywhere else. Research the topic ahead of time and quickly confirm your understanding during the interview. That way, you can focus primarily on what’s different and unique about your expert’s approach. You can also help your interviewee be prepared by sending your questions — or even a rough draft — in advance. That helps crystalize the goal of the interview and keeps you both on track.


Thank the doctor for taking time to talk to you and confirm that it’s still a convenient time. Willingly reschedule if a patient needs the doctor more urgently. But respect yourself and your work, also. You need to take charge and direct the conversation so that you can accomplish what is needed.


Remember, doctors are people, too. Connect on a human level, reveal a little about yourself and don’t be afraid to express wonder and enthusiasm about their expertise and work. “Wow, really?” Your genuine interest can bring out the best insights and help your content come to life.