The Pin is Mightier Than…


So many networks, so little time!

Choosing the right social networks to reach your audience is a big decision. But here are two stats to make a decision about joining Pinterest a little easier:


So, what can your hospital do with a Pinterest account? Here are a few examples from our clients:

Aurora Health Care: It uses eight boards to share healthy living tips, great recipes and info on some of their key service lines, such as heart health and cancer. Each pin kept with the same theme: “dedicated to keeping you happy, healthy and loving life.” Awesome.

Houston Methodist: These 48 boards range from brain or prostate cancer; patient and staff highlights; and healthy snacks. With nearly 5,000 pins, Houston Methodist has been able to build a solid following.

Broward Health: This Florida hospital has more than 30 boards and focuses on creating recipes for all different types of eaters: kids, diabetics, snackers and grill masters. We also liked how it made an effort to appeal to moms by sharing boards on hospital crafts, newborns and parenting tips.

Don’t overlook all those little virtual cork boards for building brand awareness with a wider audience and a loyal following. Your options in Pinterest are only as limited as your creativity. It’s easy to tie some pins into your overall editorial calendar and strategic priorities.

Happy pinning!

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