Johnny and Emma Delagrange singing 'Healthcare Heroes'

Johnny and Emma Delagrange singing “Healthcare Heroes.”

Writers and marketers typically aren’t at loss for words. But sometimes words just aren’t enough. Shock. Grief. Gratitude. Some emotions feel too big to contain. It’s humbling to watch friends, family, clients and colleagues put themselves at risk to serve others during this pandemic. When “thank you” just doesn’t seem big enough, you need a grand gesture.

It’s inspiring to see how quickly communities rallied to send food, make masks and craft signs for essential workers. That left us at WriterGirl wondering how we could show the magnitude of our gratitude — at a time when words failed us.

Something special happens when words become a song, though. There’s nothing like music to express a feeling, capture the heart of a moment or bring people together. That’s why we turned to a local father-daughter duo (Johnny and Emma Delagrange) to help express the gratitude in our hearts. They wrote and performed a song, with help from our own Carol Williams, that transcends words. So here it is. Our thank you to all the healthcare heroes on the front lines — and behind the scenes.

Listen to ‘Healthcare Heroes’ by Johnny and Emma Delagrange.

We know you’re bombarded daily by commercials, Zoom performances, videos (and frankly, some really funny memes) all vying for your attention. Please accept this invitation to experience something different: two minutes and 20 seconds of respite. Release. Peace. Take just a moment to close your eyes, listen and feel wrapped in a warm blanket of gratitude.

Thank you.