24_49Being a mom to a two year old is one of the greatest and hardest jobs on earth. Everyday is a new adventure filled with laughter (and the proverbial temper tantrums). What I love most is how my daughter reminds me everyday of the simple joys in life: mac n’ cheese, playgrounds, dancing, fruit snacks and of course Disney movies.

We’re anxiously awaiting the release of “Finding Dory” in our house. Savannah’s face is a beaming ray of light every time we talk about the movie. I think in amazement, “How can one movie make someone so happy day after day after day?” The answer hit me like the fireworks at Epcot; Disney is the best storyteller on earth. Our souls crave stories. Our minds are wired to remember. Stories ignite our emotions and stick with us.

Like Disney, we are all storytellers at our core. We have the power to inspire and make the world a healthier place through stories. Here are three lessons we can learn from Walt Disney himself to bring us back to the simple magic of stories:

“That’s what we storytellers do. We restore order with imagination. We instill hope again and again and again.” – Hope begins with you. No other industry is positioned like healthcare to better to spread hope. Be the ambassador for your organization. Be the storyteller. Communities rely on you.

“When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.” – Be curious by nature. Ask questions. Seek answers. Get out from behind your computer. Talk to everyone. Walk the halls. You are sitting on a well of hope.

“Adults are only kids grown up, anyway.” – Take yourself back and remember what connects with a kid. Stay grounded by the basics of communication. Use clear language. Paint pictures. Influence a behavior change. Extend a caring hand.