In July 2018, the marketing team at Roper St. Francis Healthcare faced a common problem many healthcare marketers have today: They needed to launch a series of successful healthcare marketing campaigns, but they didn’t have the staff available to create them.

Roper St. Francis logoThe campaigns were aimed at growing patient volume for surgery (a high-value service line) and would serve as a key patient acquisition and nurturing tool. Roper St. Francis needed a writer and a project manager who not only understood healthcare, but also understood the Roper St. Francis brand and voice.

“To be honest, we were anxious about hiring an outside resource,” says Nichole Stevens, Roper St. Francis director of marketing. “For 18 years we had the same writer [crafting the campaigns] and it was scary to trust someone to do this when the whole organization was watching.”

In the end, Roper St. Francis called on WriterGirl to help craft the surgery campaigns. The two teams collaborated on four campaigns that included landing page content, direct mail, emails and blog posts as well as copy for print and social media ads.

Find out more about the Roper St. Francis campaigns and the results they’ve produced: Read the case study.

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