By Elaine Zeinner

Build lasting relationships with healthcare consumers

Choice and convenience are key factors influencing healthcare decisions. Organizations across markets are finding ways to make their care more accessible with urgent care, drug store or grocery store clinics, extended hours or e-visits.

Now, healthcare marketers must find new ways to stand out among competitors. Building strong relationships that focus on consumers’ interests and needs through effective retention marketing can fill that gap.

Here are four simple ways healthcare marketers can regularly connect with consumers:

 1. Wellness content

Offering information, resources and advice on how consumers can stay healthy is a great way to stay engaged with patients when they don’t need healthcare services. A steady drumbeat of news, through regular blog postings, email newsletters or podcasts, can position healthcare organizations as a trusted resource of information – and remind patients that they can turn to you whenever your expertise is needed.

2. Targeted marketing

It’s easier than ever to connect with patients through email and text messages. Sending reminders about upcoming appointments or reminders for patients to schedule annual wellness appointments and screenings is a great way to stay top-of-mind with patients and offer relevant advice and insight.

 3. Digital marketing

Targeted online marketing is another effective way to build relationships with consumers. Whether it’s purchasing keywords, retargeting ads or ads on social media channels, healthcare marketers can connect with consumers when they are looking for information relevant to their organizations – from searching for a specific health procedures, addressing a health concern to answering wellness questions about nutrition, exercise or another relevant topic.

4. Social media

Roughly 81 percent of the U.S. population has a social media profile. A regular presence on social media offers healthcare organizations a big opportunity to connect with consumers through engaging, educational and entertaining content. Posts can range from informative – promoting wellness blogs or sharing important information about your organization – to building awareness about the services and centers your organization delivers to consumers.

How do you stay connected with consumers? Share your tips in the comments below.