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How WriterGirl helped craft CRM campaigns for Roper St. Francis

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After a staffing change in July 2018, the team at Roper St. Francis Healthcare was short-handed and in need of a writer to help with four CRM campaigns aimed at growing patient volume for surgery, a high-value service line. The patient acquisition campaigns had to include landing page content, direct mail, emails and blog posts as well as copy for print and social media ads.


Prior to July 2018, the writer creating content for the CRM campaigns had been with Roper St. Francis for 18 years. With the campaigns serving as key patient acquisition and nurturing tools, Roper St. Francis needed a writer and project manager who not only understood healthcare, but also understood the Roper St. Francis brand and voice.

“To be honest, we were anxious about hiring an outside resource,” says Nichole Stevens, Roper St. Francis director of marketing. “For 18 years we had the same writer and it was scary to trust someone to do this when the whole organization was watching.”

There were also “a lot of pieces and moving parts” to the campaigns, which required multiple deliverables that needed to be optimized for various marketing channels.


Roper St. Francis teamed up with WriterGirl in October 2018 to tackle the surgery campaigns. The WriterGirl project manager asked detailed questions at the kickoff to get a better sense of the project’s goals as well as the provider’s brand voice and mission.

After receiving some creative briefs and brand voice documents to guide the writer, the WriterGirl team was “off and running.” Once WriterGirl had content for Roper St. Francis to review, they worked on edits together until the campaigns were finalized and ready to deploy.

“It was a very collaborative approach and made life really easy for us,” Stevens says. “It felt like I had someone who was in my building and on my team.”

Using WriterGirl saved us time and allowed us to be more efficient with our budget. From a time and dollar standpoint, it was an excellent investment for us.”

— Nichole Stevens, Roper St. Francis director of marketing


The WriterGirl team was able to deliver the campaign assets to Roper St. Francis within their deadlines. The campaigns hit the mark on the provider’s voice and tone as well as the patient acquisition marketing strategy.

“Internally, people had no idea that it wasn’t my team writing the campaigns because WriterGirl was so good at matching our voice and who we are as an organization,” Stevens says.

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