Content partnership helps fuel growth for OhioHealth wellness blog

How WriterGirl helped OhioHealth create an extensive library of blog content

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In November 2016, OhioHealth launched a health and wellness blog with the goal of providing helpful, trustworthy content that would engage patients and community members while strengthening the OhioHealth brand. The team wanted to deliver relevant information that would help patients and readers live healthier lives, but needed a base of content to build up the blog’s readership and reputation.


With a goal of publishing five days a week and only a couple of in-house writers, OhioHealth needed help with healthcare writing and content expertise. The team had to be able to consistently write in OhioHealth’s voice and tone, and it needed the bandwidth to create a volume of resources across a wide range of wellness topics — from cancer prevention to healthy family activities.

“It was crucial for us to have additional writers to help us create content for the wellness blog,” says Missy Gleason, brand journalism lead at OhioHealth.


After partnering on a previous web project, OhioHealth decided to once again tap WriterGirl’s writing and content expertise to help build up a content library for the wellness blog. Gleason passed along information about the blog’s voice and tone as well as a list of blog topics for the WriterGirl team to tackle.

“We rarely ran into any hiccups working with WriterGirl,” Gleason says. “Everything I left to them was completed on time and featured quality writing that captured our tone.”

The WriterGirl team started with only a few articles per month, but eventually ramped up to six to nine blog posts per month. The writers and project manager also worked closely with Gleason on each piece and would frequently discuss changes or suggestions for the content.

Gleason also tapped WriterGirl to help research and brainstorm topics for blog posts.

The partnership felt very collaborative. It took worry out of the equation because I was working with people I could trust.”

— Missy Gleason, brand journalism lead at OhioHealth


Between February 2017 and January 2019 WriterGirl produced roughly 120 articles for the wellness blog. The posts covered a wide range of topics, including cancer, heart health, nutrition, family and healthy living.

Thanks to WriterGirl’s content help, OhioHealth blog saw tremendous growth in 2018, with 87% more users and 89% more sessions compared to 2017. In fact, one of the articles WriterGirl wrote — a post covering the top chore apps for kids — has been one of the “best performing” posts on the OhioHealth blog, with more than 11,000 unique page views in 2018.

“The content WriterGirl gave us contributed to the success of our blog,” Gleason says. “It was a really good experience and I truly appreciate all the help WriterGirl gave us.”

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