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How WriterGirl led content strategy and execution for IU Health’s rebrand

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Less than 10 years ago, Hoosiers thought of their Clarian Health hospitals as the hometown favorite. Known by local hospital names, consumers were mostly unaware that the high quality of care was in large part because of Clarian’s partnership with Indiana University School of Medicine. Clarian knew they had the resources and talent to compete nationally, but elevating the brand would have to start in their own backyard.


Clarian needed to unify the brand: 16 hospitals, a leading children’s hospital, and other clinics, centers and physician groups across the state. Even more challenging, they needed to shift consumer thought and behavior. How do you get people in urban and rural areas alike to think beyond their local doctors and hospitals to consider the vast resources and advantages of being part of an academic medical system?


  1. Unite. Generate awareness, elevate the brand nationally and nurture state pride with a new name: Indiana University Health (IU Health). Apply the brand consistently throughout the system.
  2. Create a global website. IU Health asked WriterGirl to help them harness, consolidate, update and develop thousands of web pages to create one cohesive, user-friendly global site. WriterGirl collaborated with the marketing team and digital agency to create information architecture, navigation, and content that was consistent and easy to find. WriterGirl interviewed 50 experts and created differentiating content for 40 service lines and roughly 200 condition and treatment pages.
  3. Overhaul Riley Children’s Health. How do you revamp a website for a well-loved, well-respected children’s hospital? With love and respect, of course. IU Health knew WriterGirl would create accurate, warm, easy-to-read content for parents. And that’s just what WriterGirl did throughout 170 service line pages and 400 condition pages. Thanks to help from more than 200 physician and department lead interviews.
  4. Give each location a place to shine. Let local consumers know they’re backed by a leading academic health system, with expert care close to home. WriterGirl interviewed 50 experts throughout the system to curate content that sets each location apart from its competitors. In all, WriterGirl created 16 location sites and wrote more than 375 pages of content for service lines and health professionals.
  5. Help site visitors feel how IU Health changes lives for people in their communities. WriterGirl wrote more than 75 patient stories and 50 video scripts feature across all IU Health websites.

Since 2011, this 16-hospital system has relied on more than 10,000 hours of writing support from WriterGirl to help them engage their current and future patients with helpful, clear healthcare information.


IU Health has enjoyed increased website traffic, brand awareness and national brand recognition. Beyond the projects mentioned above, WriterGirl has written for IU Health’s patient portal, social media sites and content for health professionals.

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