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How WriterGirl helped Cox Health Marketing develop a robust library of thought leadership content

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Cox Media Group, an Atlanta-based media and digital solutions provider, embarked on an initiative in 2017 to build business and better support its existing clients. The company carved out a specialized division — Cox Health Marketing — that offered enhanced healthcare marketing strategy and support. A key piece of this initiative was to develop content that would position the company as a leader in the industry while providing helpful resources for the healthcare organizations it works with every day.


Cox Health Marketing knew they needed to speak to healthcare marketers, administrators, executives and small practice physicians in a unique way. They wanted to frequently deliver valuable content that would earn them trust in the marketplace and help healthcare professionals feel more prepared to tackle the challenges of today’s healthcare marketing journey.

Writers producing the thought leadership content not only needed B2B marketing expertise, they also needed to understand the language of healthcare and the pain points facing the industry today.

“The main goal of the project was to develop ongoing thought leadership content that we could push out on social media and we could also share with our sales team,” says Luisa Banks, Cox Health Marketing managing director, healthcare. “I wanted to make sure I was using a group of writers I felt confident would understand healthcare.”

But with only three people on her team and 20 markets to service across the country, Banks knew she needed to tap an outside resource. She needed a group that would “serve as an extension of the team” and work seamlessly alongside her colleagues.


Having some experience working with WriterGirl in a previous job, Banks knew she could rely on the WriterGirl team to provide effective content that would speak to her healthcare audience and ultimately lead to business growth.

“The WriterGirl team understands Cox Health Marketing and understands our goals,” Banks says.

Banks works with WriterGirl on at least three articles a month, which are posted to the Cox Health Marketing Insights blog. Banks typically brainstorms a list of topics that she sends to WriterGirl and the writers draft content based on sources provided by Banks’ team.

“The process has been seamless,” Banks says, adding that the drafts usually require few edits and the writers typically hit the mark on the first round.

The process has allowed Banks to be more efficient with her budget dollars because she doesn’t have to spend time and money going back-and-forth on rounds of edits. Thanks to that efficiency, she was able to use some of her budget to also tap the WriterGirl team for help with a white paper on the latest trends in urgent care.

WriterGirl has been fantastic to work with. Wherever I am in my career, I know I can count on WriterGirl to help out with healthcare content.”

— Luisa Banks, Cox Health Marketing managing director, healthcare


After two years of partnering with WriterGirl, Cox Health Marketing has seen increased engagement with their blog, which is now the website’s top source of traffic. Banks’ sales team has also been able to create more business opportunities thanks to the robust pool of thought leadership content.

“We’ve had sellers successfully get appointments and build new business because they have this thought leadership content to share,” Banks says.

In addition to the increased business, Cox Health Marketing has had more than 1,000 downloads of the white paper WriterGirl helped develop. From another angle, Banks says she’s also been able to leverage the thought leadership content to build her personal brand and grow her own following on LinkedIn.

“WriterGirl has been fantastic to work with,” Banks says. “Wherever I am in my career, I know I can always count on WriterGirl to help out with healthcare content.”

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