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Specialized content services for marketing to physicians

Physicians aren’t just busy with patients and paperwork. They’re also slammed by marketing messages every day.

The WriterGirl team has decades of healthcare content expertise that includes physician marketing. We’re undaunted by the heavy competition to capture this audience’s attention — whether we’re creating physician referral campaigns, marketing hospital rankings or increasing physicians’ digital presence. That’s because we understand the value of well-researched, persuasive physician marketing assets. You’ll have our expert team by your side, creating content that builds your reputation with physicians and executes on your marketing strategies to doctors by:

  • Striking the ideal balance between the intellectual and emotional reasons they will connect with your organization, products and services
  • Providing fresh, creative communications that break through the clutter
  • Introducing reliable statistics and facts to support problems and solutions
  • Speaking their language — no jargon, just the intelligent, appropriate use of terminology as it relates to their field and professional stature

Engaging content that resonates with the demanding physician market

We understand physicians. Years of experience have taught us what it takes to help doctors solve high-level problems or educate themselves on complex topics that are pertinent to their work. They demand articulate, detailed, clear communications to help them do it. The WriterGirl team delivers content that positions you as the helpful resource doctors will want to connect with again and again. Call on us for physician marketing materials like:

  • Accomplishment reports
  • Annual reports
  • Case studies
  • E-books
  • Emails (webinar invites, teasers, product introductions)
  • Marketing U.S. News & World Report rankings
  • Newsletters
  • Physician-focused blogs
  • Research reports
  • Thought leadership articles
  • Whitepapers
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