When you think of a WriterGirl, what comes to mind? Female wordsmiths who love to write?

Well, you’re not wrong. But here’s a surprise twist: Some WriterGirls love numbers.

Take Roxanne Kordenbrock, for example, WriterGirl’s chief financial officer.

“I’ve always loved numbers and knew I would focus my career in accounting,” Roxanne says.

Roxanne is our numbers gal here at WriterGirl, and we’re lucky to have her. She started with WriterGirl back in March 2014 when she came on board to do some accounting work. Less than two years later, she moved up the ranks to CFO.

Although she’s an outsourced CFO (she has her own business working with a few clients in the Cincinnati area), Roxanne is still very much a part of the WriterGirl family. In addition to long-term financial strategy, she handles daily accounting, bookkeeping, benefits, cash flow and budgeting. She also maintains a vital role on our leadership team.

“I love working with [WriterGirl CEO] Christy and the WriterGirl team,” Roxanne adds. “I’m lucky to be a part of it.”

For Roxanne, working with small businesses is the highlight of her job.

“I believe small businesses are the backbone of this country,” Roxanne says. “I have the opportunity to work with many businesses and owners with different interests and perspectives, and this experience has shaped me into the person I am today.”

You can trace Roxanne’s love for small business back to her time working with the family company, Kordenbrock Tool & Die Co., Inc., where she worked until her father’s retirement in 2011.

Aside from her experience with the family company, Roxanne has worked in banking and accounting since high school. While in college earning her accounting degree, she maintained a job managing numbers in “corporate America.” The experience of working while in college is one that has truly paid off, Roxanne says.

“My biggest piece of advice for someone starting in this field is to work while you go to school,” she explains. “Learning accounting in a classroom is significantly different from what happens in the real world and for me, the key was being able to learn and apply that knowledge directly to the work I was doing at my job.”

When she’s not running numbers, Roxanne enjoys working on her five-and-a-half acres of land, which she shares with her husband and 9-year-old son, Hunter. You can find her spending time at the gym, watching Hunter play sports, or tooling around her property on a John Deere tractor.