Meet Carol Williams – Someone who truly puts the ‘writer’ in WriterGirl

Carol Williams For an organization called WriterGirl, Carol Williams is a perfect fit. Whether it’s her professional or personal life — writing is at the center of it all.

Carol has been a professional writer for roughly 30 years — nearly her whole working life. She’s had experience in many different roles and industries, from ad agency copywriting to radio scripts, health insurance marketing to freelance writing.

Here at WriterGirl, Carol started out as a freelance writer. In February 2017, she moved into a full-time role as a senior content writer. She mainly focuses on writing, editing and proofreading for a variety of WriterGirl clients, with a few project management gigs here and there.

Working on patient-facing projects is one of the joys of working for WriterGirl, Carol says. She highlights a recent project she worked on that provided patient communications to healthcare organizations, a task that combines her interests in plain language and writing for patients.

“I enjoy how most of my WriterGirl projects allow me to write and edit in a way that makes healthcare easier for people to understand,” Carol says. “Most people don’t need the stress of deciphering medical jargon when they’re already stressed from dealing with a health condition.”

Carol’s team members are another highlight to her job at WriterGirl.

“They’re such a strong, talented group,” Carol says. “Even though we’re located around the country, we connect as easily as if we’re in the same room — it’s a shared sensibility when it comes to creativity, caring for each other and the work we do, and finding the humor in just about anything!”

As someone who works on projects with Carol, I can say that she’s always one to bring creativity, compassion and humor to the team. Her positive attitude and top-notch editing skills have helped me grow as a healthcare writer, editor and freelance team member. She is truly one of the highlights of working at WriterGirl.

And if you think Carol would take a break from writing in her off-hours, think again. While she does enjoy time practicing her foodie skills and arts and crafts, she always comes back to her passion.

“I can’t stop writing even in my free time,” Carol says. When she’s not writing, editing, or managing projects for WriterGirl, Carol is authoring children’s books and keeping her fingers crossed for a publishing deal someday.

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