Marketing to Physicians A physician referral campaign is a key part of every health care system’s marketing plan. Referring physicians can help spread the word about your hospital’s services, treatment or care available to the community and connect patients with your organization.

Physician referral campaigns are also quickly becoming commonplace as competition increases across markets. Improved access to care also means it’s easier for other health systems to offer similar services and treatments as you.

Make sure your physician marketing campaign stands out with four simple tips.

1. Make it easy

It’s no secret that primary care doctors are busy. Make it easy for them to learn about your system’s services and providers. Physician referral campaigns should include an integrated, coordinated approach across several marketing channels that leads to one landing page.

This process of lead generation also allows you to build a relationship and educate your audience about your providers and services.

Consider sending a postcard, followed up by an email and then support it with a digital campaign that leads back to one clear landing page that’s easy to navigate to additional information.

Resist the temptation to put information behind a log-in. Gated content (content that’s only available by downloading a PDF or providing an email) can turn audience members away. Give physicians the information and details they need right at their fingertips.

2. Make an emotional and intellectual appeal

Your physician referral pieces will undoubtedly look and sound different than your consumer-facing pieces  – as they should. You can include more medical terms and healthcare-language when connecting with fellow physicians. However, many healthcare marketers are quick to overlook the importance of an emotional appeal to referring physicians.

Physicians do want to hear about the latest advances in treatment, evidence-based research and success stories. They also want to hear how you will help and support patients.

In a crowded marketplace, a physician wants to feel good about the provider they send patients to. They want to ensure that their patients will receive the highest quality and compassionate care.

Physician marketing is the perfect opportunity to showcase your health system’s brand and the attributes it delivers to patients. It’s an important deciding factor for patients, and it’s important for physicians, too.

3. Give them tools to connect with patients

Help make a busy physician’s day a little easier by preparing and sharing marketing materials about your patient services. Instead of relying on doctors to remember your key messages, create brochures, posters, postcards and other printed materials that physicians can easily share with their patients and families who may need your system’s services.

4. Build a physician referral campaign with on-going communication

A strong physician referral campaign is built on constant, two-way communication. Keep the door open and look behind a straight sales message. Consider:

  • Sending a regular email newsletter to share news and thought leadership
  • Creating a quarterly print magazine to highlight breakthrough research and care
  • Inviting physicians from target groups to write a guest blog for your health system
  • Elevating social media accounts by sharing interesting, informative content
  • Sponsoring an event or conference physicians will attend
  • Inviting physicians to complete a survey to better understand their needs

Tell us, how do you connect with referring physicians? Share your experience in the comments below.

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