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Unique marketing collateral

No cookie-cutter collateral here. Your healthcare brand, positioning and challenges are unique to your organization — your marketing communications should be, too. Our seasoned team of writers uses compelling, strategic content to get your brand story in front of your audiences while making sure you present a consistent message across all channels.

Great marketing collateral should capture the attention of distracted readers — whether it’s the busy parent who will benefit from empathetic communication or the harried employer who’s looking for innovative health plan tools for her company. That’s why our engaging collateral is based on sound marketing principles and the firm belief that health literacy speaks volumes to anyone you want to reach.

Marketing collateral development services we offer

Need a quick read, like a landing page? Done. Looking for more in-depth business marketing collateral, such as a case study? You’ll have it. If you need content editing to refresh copy after a brand update, we’re here for that, too. You can also look to us for:

  • Brochures
  • E-Books
  • Fact sheets for organizations and products
  • Newsletters
  • Patient and customer testimonials
  • Sales presentations
  • Whitepapers
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