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You probably have a lot of content in your vault. And I’ll bet you much of that content can be easily repurposed across other channels. Not only does this save you time and money (and makes you look like a rock star in your boss’s eyes), but it’s also a way to keep giving out great info to your patients.

When properly directed (and that direction is key), your staff and/or outsourced writers can simply use stories or content that is already vetted and fact-checked as source content for entirely new pieces. That means they have more time to focus on updating time-sensitive content or editing new content.

Patient stories

Patient stories provide an excellent means of repurposing content. Perhaps your website provides a few quotes from a patient who had a fast recovery as a result of a new minimally invasive procedure. Why not use a photo and some additional quotes from that same patient for a waiting room tri-fold, to further elaborate on how that procedure is becoming an option for many patients? This repurposing saves you considerable time and money because you’re not starting from scratch with a brand-new patient.

Physician bios

The experts in your organization have stories to tell, and your patients enjoy knowing more about the people taking care of them. Writing a full-length bio for your expert physicians will save you time and money in the long run, because you can quickly extract key sentences for future needs such as press releases, newsletters, emails, annual reports and web articles.

What to expect during a hospital visit

The website data we’ve seen from hospitals indicates that patients like this content. That make sense: Going to the hospital for just about any sort of procedure is intimidating at best, frightening at the worst. So it’s helpful to have something to read that tells you what to expect, what to bring, what you can and can’t eat before your procedure and so on. And with readmissions becoming an ever-hotter topic in terms of hospital revenue, those instructions on what to do after a procedure are vital.

Awards and recognition

Your content vault is probably richly stocked with useful nuggets of impressive, reusable content. Keep up to date with each department’s quarterly awards and recognitions, both in clinical and research settings. Remember to include grant awards as well as donor gifts. You might consider pulling patient testimonials in with some of your awards content, highlighting the unique and compelling aspects of patient care in your organization.