WriterGirl-Logo w Tagline


If you ever saw the TV show “What Not to Wear,” then you know that a new look can completely change a person’s self-perception, which in turn changes the way others view them. The same is true of brands.

WriterGirl needed a new look.

Parting with our old look felt like Clinton and Stacy had ripped my comfy, well-worn Uggs right off my feet. It was painful (and a little embarrassing), but it had to be done.

WriterGirl has been around since 2000, and although we’ve had many variations on a theme, we haven’t veered far from our original look (unless you count the big color change of 2010).

But we’ve grown a lot over the years. We’ve solidified our place in the healthcare market as the gold standard for content development — for that we’re both humbled and proud. We have amazing associates from all over the country working with us. Writers, editors and strategists with an average 15 years’ digital healthcare content experience. Our brand needs to grow with us.

It’s more than a wardrobe change.

Fresh logos, colors and taglines are about more than spiffing up your image. They often reflect change of one kind or another. Growth. Modernization. Focus. A rebrand can even drive changes in internal processes or customer service. It can change how you greet visitors, end an email or talk to your coworkers.

WriterGirl’s new tagline “Custom content. Custom experience.” captures the way we do business. No “plug-and-play” approach here. Solutions are different for every client, based on their brands, their goals and the experiences they want to create for their customers.

It’s the main reason for our success and growth.

What about your brand?

What’s changed — or needs to change — since your last rebrand? Is your organization more efficient? Shifting focus? Improving the patient experience at every touch point? It might be time to update your brand.

It can feel a bit like Clinton and Stacy have ransacked your closet, tossed your trusted go-tos and have you trying on things you never imagined. But when your new look fits just right, you’ll see your organization differently — and so will everyone else.