How to write quality content

All content is not created equal. In the race to attract attention and connect with consumers, developing and sharing high quality content is key. At WriterGirl, we’re committed to making sure our content hits the mark and is relevant and engaging to readers. Here are three simple tips to help you develop quality content.

1. Start with strategy.

Before you can put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard), it’s important to start with strategy. The content you develop for your organization should always be aligned with your health organization’s business objectives and marketing goals. This is the first step in putting relevant, interesting content out there for consumers, and helps make sure you use your marketing budget and resources wisely.

 2. Get help.

The best help comes in form of a great editor and proofreader. At WriterGirl, we follow a clear process that emphasizes internal editing. This collaboration makes sure every piece we send to clients or publish ourselves is ready to make its public debut. An eagle-eye editor can catch simple spelling mistakes, correct grammatical errors and push the writer to create outstanding content.

 3. Use online tools.

Several great resources for all writers are available online. One of WriterGirl’s favorite tools is the Hemingway app. This free tool assesses the grade-level of content and offers suggestions on how to improve readability. Healthcare content often includes complex terms. Hemingway is a great way to make information educational and engaging to all your readers.

Grammarly is another great resource for all your burning grammatical questions. The site often publishes helpful blog posts that explain how, why and when to use terms that can trip up even the most seasoned writers. You can even plug copy directly into the website and it will check for grammatical errors – for free!

Another personal favorite is It is a great resource when you’re searching for a new way to describe the same term or when the perfect word is just out of your reach.

These are just three simple ways that can help improve your writing. We’d love to hear how you create quality content that connects with readers in the comments below