graphic of a camera with different video elementsSo, you need to make a video. (And yes, you do!) This past year proved again just how powerful good video can be to connect, inspire, engage and inform.

But it can be daunting to know where to start. You might have lots of ideas but lack time or budget. You might be overwhelmed wrangling the sheer number of video production options and platforms for sharing. And at the end of the day, you need to meet your marketing goals.

There’s good news: You can make a highly creative brand video following a fairly standard process. Using a video script template can streamline your work — and help you make a video that resonates.

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Give your team a prep talk

Even if you’re looking to make a short video, start with prep, prep, prep. The more you understand your goals and can get everyone on the same page upfront, the easier your video script writing and production process will be. This prep work will also make sure your video pays off toward your goals.

Before you start writing, answer these questions:

  • Why are you making this video? Decide whether your video is a direct call to action, simply informational, meant to build trust or show empathy, or has another brand purpose.
  • Who is this video for? Understand who your audience is so you can speak directly to them.
  • Who’s speaking on your behalf? Determine if you will use general narration, an executive or expert voice, or other individuals to get your messages across.
  • Where will it be shown? Think about if your video will appear on social media, a website or other location.

Finding clarity on these points first will help narrow your focus and drive decisions throughout your creative process. Once everyone is aligned, you can return to these goals as a point of reference throughout production.

Brainstorm using a sample video script

Then, it’s time to get those creative juices flowing. The possibilities are endless, from live video to animation. To help you find footing as you get started, think of this simple video script format:

  1. Hook
  2. Main content
  3. Big finish

1. Craft your hook

The hook is the first five seconds of your video, and that’s your chance to capture your viewer’s attention. Here, you might want to:

  • Ask a question or offer a bold opinion. “What does hope look like?”
  • Share an intriguing personal detail. “Andre Rogers has been waiting for this day for months.”
  • Set up a problem you’re going to solve. “One in five people with diabetes doesn’t know they have it.”
  • Take people on the move visually through a space. “This all started as just an idea.”

2. Write your main content

Creating a script for video means thinking visually first, with words supporting what your viewers see onscreen. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Write the way people speak.
  • Read it out loud to check how it sounds.
  • Trim it down to fit in the time allotted.

3. Make a big finish

Some videos may use a call to action at the end, but not all will need something so direct. You want the ending of your video to bring your viewers a feeling of resolution and clarity on your topic. You might try to:

  • End on a powerful image.
  • Emphasize one of your key brand messages.
  • Reinforce the main idea or feeling you want your viewer to take away.

For example, when needed to explain to families how to explore participating in clinical trials, WriterGirl scripted this short, animated video using the elements of hook, main content and big finish.

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Outline your video like a pro

Once you have your script ideas rocking and rolling, you’re ready to put it all together. Here’s a sample video script template you can recreate that uses simple columns. Each row represents a change in the action onscreen, and you can add as many as you need.

VideoSoundLower third graphics
Describe video clips to be used or direction for motion graphics or animationInclude voiceover copy, scripted or interview sound and any music directionList written text for locator, name and title graphics


Plug in your hook, main content and big finish ideas and you’ll quickly see how they relate to each other and where you need better transitions or need to add or trim content. Don’t forget to refer back to your notes to make sure your script meets your goals. And in no time, you’ll be ready to move to production.

In healthcare marketing, the power of storytelling is strong, and video can be the perfect vehicle. Try starting with a video script template to streamline your process, unleash your creativity — and enjoy new, true connections with your audience.

Get support to move your video script from dream to reality. WriterGirl’s team of healthcare writing experts can help get your marketing projects over the finish line. Drop us a line any time to learn more.