It’s no secret that an active blog can be a gamechanger for a health system or hospital. Blogs help you connect with patients and consumers, improve your search visibility and position your organization as a thought leader.

But what happens when you can’t think of any more blog topics? Whether you’re a writer or the brains behind your editorial calendar, learning how to brainstorm blog post ideas is an essential skill to have.

If you’re feeling stumped, check out the seven blog brainstorm tips in the infographic below. Before you know it, your editorial calendar will be bursting with ideas.

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7 tips for coming up with healthcare blog topics

Need to come up with fresh and relevant healthcare blog topics that appeal to your various audiences? Follow these tips:

1. Lean on lists

Research shows lists fit today’s reading styles.

Try creating:

  • Top 10 lists (or top 5)
  • How-to lists

2. Ask your readers

The best people to tell you what to write are the ones you’re writing to.

  • Reach out to patients by phone or patient advisory councils.
  • Ask questions on social media.
  • Send a survey to subscribers.

3. Forage on the forums

In just an hour or two, you’ll see plenty of questions and answers that get your grey matter going.

  • Look for forums or message boards on specific topics.
    • For example: Pregnancy message boards or C-section forums
  • Skim reddit or Quora.

4. Make time for tools

Try searching Google for your topic — you’ll see an abundance of questions and themes below the search term.

  • Use Google Trends to see related queries.
  • Tap into HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator.

5. Get trendy with it

Stay on top of healthcare news and keep your audience up to speed.

  • Set Google Alerts for different healthcare topics.
  • Add a unique spin or opinion to a trending news item.

6. Look to other blogs

Search similar blogs for idea inspiration.

  • Don’t copy, but offer a new take or expand on an idea.
  • Add your brand’s special sauce to make it unique.

7. Map your mind

Mind-mapping is old school, but it works!

  1. Grab a piece of paper and write down a possible topic.
  2. Break the topic into sub-categories.
  3. Keep branching out to more sub-categories to find new ideas.


Now you’re armed with affected ways to brainstorm your blog’s editorial calendar! Time to start writing.

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