WriterGirl BlogsHealthcare marketers know that it’s not easy to keep track of the latest industry trends. Our jobs are often pulling us in a few different directions, whether it’s writing physician bios, drafting new webpage content or interviewing SMEs. That’s why we rely on the web’s best healthcare marketing blogs to keep us in the loop.

Our favorite marketing blogs don’t have to have a fancy design or snazzy title, but we do look for consistent posts, industry news and content that helps make our jobs easier. Bonus points for creative, out-of-the-box topics that bring a fresh perspective to healthcare marketing.

We’ve put together a quick roundup of our favorite resources for healthcare marketing news and trends. Do any of these make your list?

Health Care Social Media

Whether we like it or not, social media is a major part of healthcare marketing today, which is why we love the quote featured on Health Care Social Media Blog’s home page:

“We do not have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is – how well we do it.” – Eric Qualman

We love the Health Care Social Media blog because it’s a resource that helps make our job easier. It has a weekly “Monday Morning Cool Tool” post that shares a new app or website that can make your social media marketing more effective. This blog also frequently shares tips and best practices for marketers trying to improve their healthcare social media game or be more efficient in their day-to-day social media tasks.

Healthcare social media blog


There are plenty of marketing blogs on the web today, but what if you’re looking for healthcare-specific SEO advice or best practices on physician liaison roles?

Although the Intrepy blog is not updated as often as some others, we love that they feature articles that cover topics with the healthcare marketer in mind. They tackle areas like medical SEO, online reviews for healthcare organizations, physician referral relationships and Instagram for medical practices.

Intrepy healthcare marketing blog

Ragan’s HealthCare Communication News

Ragan’s HealthCare Communication News has been one of our go-to resources for years. They provide a ton of great content around healthcare writing and editing, PR and marketing, social media and internal communications. We also love their excellent pool of infographics — one of our favorite ways to digest information.

Aug. 7, 2019 update: We recently learned that Ragan is going to be shuttering its Health Care Communication News blog and newsletter (thanks to The Healthcare Marketer for the tip). Instead, Ragan’s healthcare news will be merged with its PR Daily and Daily Headlines news feeds. We’re sad to see this great resource go, but we will be sure to stay tuned to Ragan’s other channels.

Ragan Communication healthcare marketing blog

The Healthcare Marketer

The Healthcare Marketer is hosted by Dan Dunlop, who is principal of the healthcare marketing agency Jennings. Through his blog, Dan shares his advice and experiences in healthcare marketing, specifically around topics related to patient and consumer engagement.

What’s great about this healthcare marketing blog is that it’s all written in Dan’s professional point of view, which provides a refreshing read after many of the other marketing blogs on the web today. The personal voice is engaging and feels more like a conversation, rather than a list of best practices.

The Healthcare Marketer blog

Content Marketing Institute (CMI)

Yes, this isn’t a healthcare marketing blog specifically, but if you’re a marketer, you’ve got to read Content Marketing Institute’s blog. If you’re looking for anything — and we mean anything — related to content marketing, CMI’s blog is the place to be.

CMI also offers a wealth of other content marketing resources, like webinars, weekly Twitter chats, podcasts and conferences.

Content Marketing Institute blog

Becker’s Hospital Review

Becker’s Hospital Review is one of our top sources for healthcare industry news. While the content may not always focus on healthcare marketing, Becker’s helps us keep tabs on trends and headlines across a broad spectrum of healthcare topics, including strategy, telehealth, patient engagement, rankings, mergers and more.

Becker's Hospital Review

Franklin Street Insights

We find plenty of useful articles, guides and reports on Franklin Street’s Insights. As a healthcare “brand innovation firm,” Franklin Street features a lot of content around hospital branding, but also covers other important healthcare business topics, like advertising, recruiting top medical talent and handling hospital expansions.

Franklin Street Insights blog

What are your go-to healthcare marketing blogs?

Of course, we’re big fans of our own blog here at WriterGirl, but we know we’re just one of many resources available for healthcare marketers and writers.

Where do you head when you need marketing advice for your healthcare organization? We’d love to hear all about your favorites in the comments section below.