When you sit down to craft a story for your hospital’s blog or website, you’re doing more than just telling readers that you’re the best. Good healthcare content writing shows why you’re the best; it features compelling patient stories and poignant clinician profiles, otherwise known as healthcare content gold.

So, how do you mine for this content gold? It’s about looking in the right places for stories and asking powerful questions. It’s about getting away from your desk and walking the halls of your clinics. It’s about finding creative ways to share your story through different mediums and channels.

Once you have that gold, you may be tempted to just sit back and admire it—don’t. Instead, create a robust social media and digital marketing plan to ensure your story is reaching as many readers as possible. It’s also important to make the most out of your valuable piece of content by re-purposing it for other channels.

How else can you find and optimize your organization’s best content? Check out the full infographic to learn more about how to create healthcare content gold.

What does good healthcare content writing mean to you?

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