by Elaine Zeinner

Find the next big idea: How to generate creative content that connects with readers

As content creators, we are all looking for that “next big idea” – the jolt of lightening that gives you the best and brightest ideas for your content calendar. These ideas are the seeds that help you and your team create content that engages and connects with readers.

Coming up with those ideas isn’t always as easy as it seems. When you’re in a brainstorm rut, try these simple tips to jumpstart your creativity.

Start small.

The best ideas are usually right in front of us. Take advantage of all your content tools and channels to research ideas. Ask yourself:

  • What blogs were most popular?
  • What social media posts earned the most engagement?
  • What are people searching for on our website?
  • What goals does our organization have for the upcoming quarter?

Take that data and mine it for new opportunities:

  • Is there a follow-up blog to a popular post?
  • Did people have a lot of questions about a specific social post?
  • Do common search terms align with business objectives?
  • Is there a subject matter expert you haven’t spoken with in a few weeks or months?

These simple questions can give your team the insight they need to turn small ideas into big opportunities.

Tap into emotion.

The best blog posts, social copy and campaigns do much more than inform and educate – they inspire and motivate. They tap into a shared emotion that readers identify with and recognize.

Healthcare content often lends itself well to an authentic emotional appeal – whether that’s encouraging copy, reassuring information or facts readers can trust. Look to your brand to identify ideas and guidelines to injecting emotions into your content ideas. How can you make topics more engaging and interesting to your readers? This step can take the simple and turn it into the unforgettable.

Go big.

You have the idea. You have the emotion. Now, it’s time to turn it all into the next big idea. Gather your team and start brainstorming:

  • How can you bring this all to life?
  • Are there new channels your team wants to try?
  • What is the biggest, craziest idea your team has?
  • How does it all align with your organization?

These are just a few of my go-tos when I need to generate more ideas for upcoming blogs, articles, social posts and campaigns. Tell us, how do you brainstorm your next big idea? Share in the comments or on social media!