Illustration of an animated explainer video in a speech bubble with a yellow "play" button.

If you sell services to other businesses (a B2B), your content strategy is key for connecting with clients and helping them understand what you do. But explaining a complex solution (like revenue cycle or provider leakage) is detailed and nuanced – and you can’t guarantee your audience will stick around to learn more.

So how can you catch the attention of potential clients and help them get to know you?

Enter: the animated explainer video. It’s a short-form video about your service or solution that explains your value in a concise and compelling way. The explainer video is an important asset in your content marketing mix.

Dylan Cahall, a freelance animator who works with WriterGirl, explained why videos are a great medium. “By combining the audio and visual,” he said, “you increase memory retention.” Here are three ways an explainer video can elevate your B2B content strategy.

1. Simplify your message

Animation adds visual cues to convey complex topics in less time. It can also make details and data more entertaining. Let’s be honest – we’ve all had our eyes glaze over when presented with too many minutiae. An animated explainer video engages people’s attention for a short time while conveying your value proposition.

Can you explain what you do in one to two minutes? And can you include the value you provide to clients and how you differ from your competitors? It’s a tall order.

Saying something succinctly can be a challenge. An animated explainer video helps you simplify your message and distill it to the points that matter most.

2. Make your content marketing stand out

An explainer video is an essential piece of anchor content, which helps you stand out from the competition. It’s not just another piece of content. It is the piece of content that highlights how you are different and offer something unique.

An explainer video showcases your branding for a lasting impression. “Your branding and identity come together to keep your company top of mind,” said Dylan. “We use your colors, fonts, messaging – everything in one package.”

In a landscape saturated with content, an explainer video helps you rise above the noise.

3. Unite your content marketing strategy

You can make the most of your explainer video by using this single piece of content in a variety of creative ways, for example :

  • Add it to your website
  • Post it to your social media accounts
  • Use it in your outbound emails
  • Share it with potential clients
  • Open presentations and conferences with it
  • Tie it into blogs

Video content is also great for search engine optimization (SEO). It provides rich content that can help you appear in search engines, directing people to your website. It can also engage people once they reach your website. And Google notices when people spend more time on your site. It takes it as a sign that your visitors have found the information they’re looking for, which is a boon for your search rankings.

You can also take the benefits beyond the video itself. “It all begins with the script,” said Dylan. A savvy writer can provide a fresh perspective on your value proposition. They can help you get rid of jargon and use relatable language for your target audience. Then, you can use this fresh perspective and messaging in any other part of your marketing.

See the explainer video in action

This video for the BeeHive app from Children’s Medical Center breaks down how kids can build healthy habits. It uses fun animation and kid-friendly examples to create a more memorable moment (compared to, say, a talk from their parent).

Check out Dylan’s highlight reel to see a wide range of animation styles and subjects. The versatility of an animated video is truly customizable to each brand and topic.

What about artificial intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence is truly astounding! Of course, you can use AI to create jokes and write fanfiction (of variable quality), but what about making explainer videos?

According to Dylan, what AI delivers in convenience, it lacks in customization. “To stand out, you want something very unique to you. Something that captures your identity, vision and value exactly. I don’t think AI can do that yet.”

But AI does play a role in Dylan’s animation process because a lot of animation software is AI-based. “When guided by an animator, using AI software as a tool can make animation more efficient, ”he said. “This ultimately benefits the client and can save costs.”

Watch our Tips in Ten(ish) Minutes video with Dylan

Create an animated explainer video with WriterGirl

Ready to get started on this anchor piece of content? WriterGirl will start by writing a highly customized script that conveys your identity and value. Then, once the script gets the green light, an animator will bring it to life with your brand. The options are endless for where you take it from there.

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