Patient empathy and satisfaction are two of healthcare’s hottest topics. And they’re connected. If a patient doesn’t feel like your healthcare organization is expressing compassion, then how can they feel well-served?

Your patients are your number-one priority. And patient satisfaction surveys took on new importance with the Affordable Care Act. They’re one measure of quality care and higher scores can mean higher reimbursements for providers.

But where does patient empathy and service begin? It starts with every aspect of your healthcare organization’s communication towards patients — from your doctors and staff to your website.

Below are tips on how healthcare marketers can increase patient care within your website and marketing content, thus leading to happier patients — and higher satisfaction scores:

  1. Use a caring and understanding voice in your content. Patients and their family members are often anxious when they visit a hospital — whether it is the birth of a baby or visiting someone in hospice care. It is important that they feel safe and cared for from their first connection with your organization. Often their first connection is your website, a brochure or a TV ad. Make sure that you speak to them in an empathetic tone that shows you are a trustworthy caregiver.
  1. Make your website easy to navigate. Life is stressful enough. Make it more simple for your visitors by making your website easy to use. Make sure your condition and treatment information, as well as your contact and find a doctor information, is easy to find.
  1. Use plain, simple language. Many illnesses and treatments are hard to understand. Make sure your content clearly explains each step of the diagnosis and treatment process in everyday language. Your visitors will be grateful.

Make sure your marketing materials set the stage for a great experience, it makes your staffs’ jobs easier — and your visitors more satisfied.