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Increase brand awareness and generate leads with healthcare email marketing

Emails are key to a successful healthcare marketing strategy. They’re a proven way to grow website traffic, generate leads and increase awareness about your healthcare brand. These messages let you include a personal touch that connects you with patients and inspires trust. Offer your audiences valuable, relevant information that presents you as the expert on the topics they’re interested in — and signed up for.

Strong email campaign writing brings this vital marketing channel to life so you can develop lasting relationships with your target audiences.

That’s where WriterGirl comes in. We provide you with the best email copywriters among our expert team. You may be marketing to CIOs or sending your healthcare newsletter to patients. Based on your marketing strategy, we’ll make sure compelling, targeted emails get to the inbox and — most importantly — get clicks.

Custom email copywriting services deliver the right messages to the right readers

To help you meet your email campaign goals, WriterGirl works with you to:

  • Provide the right mix. Our versatile email copywriters develop content that’s a strategic balance of educational information and compelling promotion.
  • Stay informed about key performance indicators. Knowing you always have email KPIs to monitor, we partner with you to craft content that increases open and click-through rates.
  • Reflect your brand. Here’s how one of our clients described the way we customize content: “Internally, people had no idea that it wasn’t my team writing the campaigns because they were so good at matching our voice and who we are as an organization.” We make sure our email campaign writing represents your organization’s style, mission and values.
  • Keep the patient in mind. Digital communication in healthcare requires finesse and etiquette — especially when it comes to engaging patients. We’re sensitive to this with every message we write on your behalf.

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