You work hard to earn high rankings with U.S News & World Report.  But how do you effectively communicate the importance of those rankings in a way that gets patients to care?

Here are a few ideas for marketing your rankings:

  • Create a website/microsite of patient stories specific to each recognized service line. Patient stories are a great way to demonstrate your expertise and make emotional connections.
  • Create a social media campaign around your rankings. Social media is the perfect tool for communicating timely information like USNWR rankings. You can highlight and share tidbits of information about each of your recognized service lines, focusing on things relevant to how you can help your patients and how you stand out in a particular area.
  • Use the recognition as an opportunity to acknowledge your integrated care team. It’s nice to lift up others, rather than to appear to be bragging. And your internal team will love the recognition!
  • Create video testimonials from both patients and physicians.  You can post these in social media outlets, and use them in the patient stories sections of your website.
  • Avoid bragging. While it’s tempting to brag about your rankings, (they are hard-earned, after all!), your target audience will be more receptive and interested if you can show them why you earned those rankings. Explain how USNWR ranks hospitals and services, then talk about how you met or exceeded those parameters.
  • Promote the rankings internally. Send out a “thank you” to your employees for embracing your mission/vision and providing such quality care, taking time to single out those people who directly contribute to the rankings.