by Laura DiGiulio

As a WriterGirl Operations Manager, sometimes I edit hundreds of pages per week. And although I did score a 25/25 on this online advanced grammar test, I’m not always perfect. (Yes, I take grammar tests in my spare time — don’t judge!)

So how do you edit lots of content while still maintaining quality? Below are some tips:

  • Have a second (or third) set of human eyes. Here at WriterGirl, we always have a second set of eyes review content before submitting to our clients. This helps maintain quality, as editors can view with “fresh eyes” what the writer can’t always see in their own draft. Sometimes, when we are completing a lot of content in a little amount of time, we like to put two editors on the team. This way, one editor can focus on grammar, spelling and typos while the other editor can focus on items such as overall flow, consistency, hierarchy of messages and so forth.
  • Use online editing tools as back up. Humans are not perfect — neither are computers. And sometimes, they can help each other. While human eyes are always the best editors, it’s a good idea to run your content through a free online editing tool such as Grammarly, Hemingway Editor or to catch anything you may have missed.
  • Take breaks. This may be the most important tip of all. The best edits are going to come from a clear-headed editor. Every few drafts, make sure to stand up and get your eyes off the computer screen. You’ll be surprised how much better you are after a break.

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