By Elaine Zeinner

Create trust with the truth: 4 tips for engaging, honest and relevant content

I recently came across an interesting article entitledWhat’s Accuracy Got to Do with Social Media?” and it got me thinking. The author, Jonathan Crossfield, calls out the importance of sharing accurate information on social media. After all, it can be easy in the rush of crossing items off the to-do list to forget to double-check stats or cite sources. Jonathan connects this to the spread of “fake news,” but there’s another reason why accuracy is important for healthcare marketers:

It builds trust among consumers and patients.

As consumers begin to have more and more choices for their healthcare, building relationships based on trust becomes even more important. Here are four simple tips for creating accurate, engaging and relevant content.

1. Spend time on content strategy.

Content strategy is a term we’ve all heard, but it’s not often one that we spend the most time on when we’re developing marketing plans. Your organization’s content strategy should help streamline your content creation and serve as a roadmap for all marketing communications with important guideposts, including:

  • An overall strategy that highlights the challenges your organization faces, how content will address challenges and why it’s important. This should ultimately align to your marketing goals and objectives.
  • A brand voice that helps your content stand out.
  • Content pillars that establish topics and perspectives unique to your organization.
  • Communication channels that are the priority for your department, and goals for each channel.

2. Double-check sources.

There is a statistic for just about everything. In fact, it can be easy to find a source or research that fits your perspective. Make sure your stats are accurate. Use only reputable sources and try to find more than one trustworthy source for statistics and research.

3. Get an editor.

An editor can help catch mistakes, clarify copy and strengthen content. At WriterGirl, it’s part of our process that everything is edited before it’s sent to a client for an initial review. A fresh pair of eyes can make sure your words are coming across clearly and succinctly, and that they connect with readers just as you intended.

4. Fix your mistakes.

When you do realize something incorrect has been published, update it. Correcting mistakes can help build trust and confidence among consumers.

Tell us — how do you make sure your content is accurate and engaging? Share your tips in the comments below.