A.A. MilneIf you need a ream of paper, chances are you check the office supply closet and grab one. Someone is in charge of ordering it. Someone is in charge of stocking it. Someone is in charge of checking inventory to make sure it’s always there when you need it. Someone is in charge of making sure you always have the best quality at the best cost. That easy-to-access paper turns into something magical once you start using it. Annual reports, sales spreadsheets, letter from the CEO, posters in the cafeteria and so on. You’re able to get your job done more efficiently and achieve your goals faster because paper is always there. You can count on it.

What if it was that easy when it came to content development? We all know the rate of consumption is outpacing the supply and consequently hospital marketers are struggling to keep up. So, what if you had a supply closet of experienced healthcare writers ready to write custom content for you? When you need it. How you need it. Always tailored to your brand and target audience. And someone, not you (because you already have too much to do) is in charge of making sure they are always there for you when you need them. And someone is in charge of managing their performance and their output (because you don’t have time for unnecessary revisions and complicated feedback loops). And someone is in charge of making sure there are different skill sets for different writing projects (because sometimes you need science writers for physician-facing content and sometimes you need bloggers for your content hub.)

What would you do with all of that newfound time? No longer are you wrangling freelancers’ availability and schedules; managing to process inconsistencies; training on tone/voice for every project; and spending hours in that dizzy feedback loop.

You just check the supply closet and they are there. And suddenly that to-do list becomes manageable and your content is there when and how your audience needs it.

We’re building content supply chains with healthcare organizations that are ready to look at content development from an enterprise-wide perspective. One content source with custom output, no matter the project. If you are interested in learning more, drop us a line at hello@writergirl.com.

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