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According to the Urban Dictionary, this versatile expression can mean “Hello!” “Listen to me!” “Yes, totally!” and “This is the truth – I’m serious!” And it has our favorite word in it! At WriterGirl, we’re all about the power of the right words – to connect people with information they need and to connect people with people. We hope our blog does all of these things. Word up!

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5 Tips for Guest Blogger Success

By Melanie Graham There are plenty of resources that can help supplement your content calendar: freelancers, contracted content creators (like WriterGirl!), user-generated content, or guest bloggers. Incorporating guest bloggers is an excellent way to supplement a content calendar while also [...]

Creating a Content Calendar

by Lyn Engle Busy month? Demanding elf? Your content calendar can help. December is a busy month for content marketers. Let’s be real about what that means. The snowman on my coffee mug sends a smirk my way each morning. [...]

Meet WriterGirl Roxanne Kordenbrock

by Melanie Graham When you think of a WriterGirl, what comes to mind? Female wordsmiths who love to write? Well, you’re not wrong. But here’s a surprise twist: Some WriterGirls love numbers. Take Roxanne Kordenbrock, for example, WriterGirl’s chief financial [...]

Philanthropy and trust go hand-in-hand; 5 tips for fundraising content that builds trust

by Lyn Engle trust /trəst/ noun firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. "relations have to be built on trust" synonyms: confidence, belief, faith, certainty, assurance, conviction, credence   I made a trip to the mailbox this week and found [...]

Charlotte is one heck of a content marketer

Lessons from the spider from her web to ours by Kirsten Lecky Ann Handley kicked off the 22nd annual Greystone.Net Healthcare Internet Conference with a bang in Scottsdale, Arizona last week. Her presentation, “The Big Bold Brave New World of [...]