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According to the Urban Dictionary, this versatile expression can mean “Hello!” “Listen to me!” “Yes, totally!” and “This is the truth – I’m serious!” And it has our favorite word in it! At WriterGirl, we’re all about the power of the right words – to connect people with information they need and to connect people with people. We hope our blog does all of these things. Word up!

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3 powerful SEO tactics to impress the Google goliath

by Melanie Graham SEO can often seem like a big, confusing puzzle that has many different solutions.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Aside from using the right SEO keywords for your organization and business goals, there [...]

Find your duck herd: Use hobbies to relieve stress

By Carol Williams April is Stress Awareness Month. Hmm, you may be thinking, April’s almost over. Why is this blog post showing up now? The answer’s pretty straightforward. It’s because we’re all aware of stress. Every. Single. Day. We’re glad [...]

April 24th, 2019|Categories: Wellness Content|Tags: , , |0 Comments

How to improve your patient email newsletters: 5 quick wins

By Melanie Graham Email marketing is one of the most powerful channels available to healthcare marketers today; it’s one of the only opportunities we have to communicate 1:1 with our followers and potential patients. So, when it comes to email [...]

Don’t zone out on time zones: Tips and tricks for success

By Karla Webb At WriterGirl, we get to work with clients and colleagues all across the U.S. and sometimes around the globe. Keeping time zones straight when setting up meetings and conference calls becomes an important part of the job. [...]

Is Your Hospital No. 1? Start Promoting!

  You work hard to earn high rankings with U.S News & World Report.  But how do you effectively communicate the importance of those rankings in a way that gets patients to care? Here are a few ideas for marketing [...]

Spring Clean Your Workspace to Boost Your Productivity

by Elaine Zeinner Spring is finally on its way and with it comes a collective sigh of relief as we emerge from our months-long hibernation over the cold winter months. I’m based in the Midwest, where cold temperatures keep me [...]