About our blog, “Word Up!”

According to the Urban Dictionary, this versatile expression can mean “Hello!” “Listen to me!” “Yes, totally!” and “This is the truth – I’m serious!” And it has our favorite word in it! At WriterGirl, we’re all about the power of the right words – to connect people with information they need and to connect people with people. We hope our blog does all of these things. Word up!

Does your care team really hear you?

How I found my voice and a doctor to really listen By Nina Mitchell It’s the start of a new year — a fresh start and clean slate. We set goals for the new year and also schedule our yearly [...]

How to Conduct a Successful Content Audit

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5 ways to make and keep your New Year’s resolutions

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5 Tips for Guest Blogger Success

By Melanie Graham There are plenty of resources that can help supplement your content calendar: freelancers, contracted content creators (like WriterGirl!), user-generated content, or guest bloggers. Incorporating guest bloggers is an excellent way to supplement a content calendar while also [...]