About our blog, “Word Up!”

According to the Urban Dictionary, this versatile expression can mean “Hello!” “Listen to me!” “Yes, totally!” and “This is the truth – I’m serious!” And it has our favorite word in it! At WriterGirl, we’re all about the power of the right words – to connect people with information they need and to connect people with people. We hope our blog does all of these things. Word up!

5 easy tips for working remotely

by Nina Mitchell As working remotely becomes more popular among employers, many people dream of leaving an office setting to telecommute. Having more flexibility, working in your pajamas and skipping the commute and office politics … sounds like a dream [...]

Health insurers, step away from the jargon

by Carol Williams While plain language communications and health literacy are closely linked, health literacy has a broader application. A person who’s “health literate” is able to: Understand basic health information and services Make the right health care decisions based [...]

How healthcare teams can respond to negative online reviews

By Melanie Graham In today’s world, online reviews have a massive influence on how consumers select products or choose whether to patronize a business. When you’re deciding on a new restaurant for dinner, where do you usually check first? Probably [...]