health information for baby boomers

Let reality, not stereotypes, guide your healthcare marketing to baby boomers — and every generation

Today baby boomers are doing a lot more online than sharing recipes and stalking their grandkids on Instagram.

Boomers people who were born post-World War II between the mid-1940s and early 1960s are eagerly looking for ways to grow and enrich their lives by being active and staying healthy.

That’s good news for healthcare marketers. As potential healthcare consumers, the boomer market is too big to ignore. More than 76 million strong according to U.S. Census Data, boomers also spend more time seeking health information online than 18 – 29 year-olds. And they control about 70% of all expendable dollars.

Four tips for baby boomer marketing: Move beyond the stereotypes

How can you provide healthcare content that moves beyond the stereotypes and is relatable and engaging? Start by being mindful of their preferences.

Meet boomers where they are

Online, two social media sites reach boomers far above all other sites — 68% of U.S. adults age 50 – 64 use Facebook; 70% use YouTube. If that YouTube number surprises you, remember this is the generation raised on TV. Unlike digital natives, long-form commercial and series content is a natural fit.

Watch your language

Baby boomer marketing campaigns that feature content peppered with words such as “old,” “senior” and “aging” isn’t likely to resonate with a boomer beyond a first glance. Focus on the positive, use plain language, include facts and get to the point.

Give them something to read

Baby boomers love text (and as writers, so do we!) As a bonus they also love to share. Reviews, blogs, white papers and e-books are ripe for consumption and comments.

Respect their experience

Other generations (unnamed here!) may think they know more than anyone. Baby boomers really might, if you believe more life experience leads to greater knowledge. Sure, there are some areas where they’re beginners. But boomers’ accumulated life experience creates a foundation that fundamentally provides greater context for every choice they make.

Marketing to the diverse generations in today’s healthcare marketplace requires a thoughtful strategy and content that hits the perfect note. If you’re looking for a content partner to help you conquer generational divides both real and imagined, reach out to WriterGirl.