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Creating content is easier and more enjoyable than you thought possible. That’s thanks to our down-to-earth, easygoing healthcare content team of client services managers, writers, and strategists.

Everyone on our coast-to-coast team is experienced in healthcare and digital writing. To make sure we can provide the strongest, clearest content to your audiences, we are trained in health literacy and plain language. It’s part of our proprietary WriterGirl Academy. These required courses boost skills in interviewing clinicians, telling compelling stories, writing mobile-friendly content and more.

When you work with WriterGirl healthcare content experts, you can expect strong, efficient, effective content that aligns with your goals.

Meet the members of our core team, who make sure you have the support you need from the very first meeting.

Christy Pretzinger smiling and leaning on her elbow.Christy Pretzinger sitting with her legs and arms crosses.
Christy PretzingerPresident & CEO
Christy is the strategic and visionary leader of WriterGirl. Since 2005, she’s grown WriterGirl from a modest freelance…
Colleen MassaColleen Massa
Colleen MassaChief operating officer
Since 2012, Colleen has been an integral part of the WriterGirl team. She rapidly moved from a part-time position…
Rebecca Sims sitting with her elbow rested on her knee.Rebecca Sims sitting with her legs crossed.
Rebecca SimsEVP, operations
When four-year-old Rebecca snuck onto a bus (in Germany) headed for a preschool (she didn’t attend)…
Kirsten LeckyKirsten Lecky standing
Kirsten LeckyEVP, business development
Kirsten has enjoyed working with healthcare leaders for most of her career. She is passionate about…
Reba ThompsonReba Thompson sitting with head on folded hands
Reba ThompsonVP, client partnerships
Reba is a business development pro, and we admire her professionalism, mad organizational skills…
Rosemary D'AloiaRosemary D'Aloia
Rosemary D'AloiaDirector of finance
Rosemary considers herself a seeker and life-long learner. She’s passionate about helping small businesses keep their finances…
Lauran McHaffie turning around in a chair with her elbow on the back and a smile on her face.Lauran McHaffie sitting a a chair with her legs crossed while smiling.
Lauran McHaffieClient partnership coordinator
Lauran brings diverse marketing and communications experience to WriterGirl, most recently in senior living wellness…
Katie snyder headshot 1Katie Snyder standing
Katie SnyderMarketing coordinator
Katie is a University of Cincinnati grad who completed her undergraduate degree in anthropology…
LauraLaura DiGiulio sitting and smiling
Laura DiGiulioOperations director
A self-described “grammar nerd,” Laura has enjoyed writing and editing for as long as she can remember…
Lyn Engle smiling and leaning on her elbow.Lyn Engle standing with her hands on her hips.
Lyn EngleDirector of creative operations
Lyn’s a life-long ‘word nerd’ who is seldom without a pen at hand. She loves helping clients…
Diane Hammons standing with her arms crossed.Diane Hammons smiling and leaning against a white wall.
Diane HammonsDirector of creative operations
So, you’re all writers? No. But we’re all communicators. Diane came to WriterGirl with a few decades of design, marketing…
Carol Williams headshotCarol Williams secondary photo
Carol WilliamsContent director
Carol has been a marketing writer for a few decades now. The challenges of persuasion and problem-solving…
Kris Henninger leaning her face on her hand while smiling.Kris Henninger standing and smiling in a blue blazer.
Kris HenningerEditorial manager
Kris brings over 20 years of writing and editing experience – from employee communications, technical…
Rachel Hershberger smiling.Rachel Hershberger seated leaning on her elbow with her had on her cheek.
Rachel HershbergerOperations coordinator
Rachel has a knack for communication and an inherent belief that everyone deserves access to quality healthcare…
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Haley DardisHR coordinator
Melissa Alexander leaning her elbow on a table.Melissa Alexander smiling with one hand up.
Melissa AlexanderProject manager
Melissa started her career designing the front pages of newspapers but soon fell into the marketing and project management…
Alice ChurchillAlice Churchill standing and smiling
Alice ChurchillProject manager
Since 2013, Alice has created content and overseen the details of WriterGirl projects. She can write…
Elizabeth Creehan with her hands under her chin.Elizabeth Creehan standing with her hands on her hips.
Elizabeth CreehanProject manager
Elizabeth’s journey to becoming a WriterGirl project manager took a few twists and turns…
Lee Fleisher sitting smiling.Lee Fleisher standing with one hand on her hip.
Lee FleisherProject manager
When she was young, Lee could always be found with a notebook and pen in her hand. Nothing much has changed since then…
Terri Ann FredetteTerri Ann Fredette sitting with glasses off
Terri Ann FredetteProject manager
Passionate about the power of connecting and the direct benefits it produces —Terri Ann is a consummate…
Kristin smiling with her arms crossed.Kristin smiling with a hand in her jean jacket pocket.
Kristin GraceProject manager
A byproduct of an intensely creative family, Kristin was destined to end up in some sort of role involving the art of creative…
Karrie Hoover smiling.Karrie Hoover standing with her hand in her pocket.
Karrie HooverProject manager
Karrie found her niche as a liaison between sales and operations teams by accident when she was…
Rebecca SgarlataRebecca Sgarlata sitting and smiling with head on hand
Rebecca SgarlataProject manager
The name Rebecca Sgarlata is synonymous with “jack of all trades.” Her extensive career started in the marketing and agency world…
Kate Tatarko smiling in a pink blazer.Kate Tatarko sitting with her wrists crossed.
Kate TatarkoProject manager
Kate is a born project manager. As a kid, she begged her mom to run the school carnival so she could run the show…
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Nikki BreenContent strategist
Stella Hart smiling with her arms crossed.Stella Hart sitting with her hand on her knee.
Stella HartContent strategist
Stella is an experienced healthcare marketer, digital strategist, and user experience analyst.
Abbie Krajewski smiling in a yellow sweater.Abbie Krajewski standing excitedly.
Abbie KrajewskiContent strategist
Abbie is an experienced marketer who uses her strategic mind to create better experiences for users and organizations.
Hannah Barker smiling and looking over her shoulder.Hannah Barker sitting with her arms crossed.
Hannah BarkerSenior content writer & editor
Hannah has loved both writing and science for as long as she can remember. She’s thankful to have found a career where…
Dama EwbankDama Ewbank
Dama EwbankSenior content writer & editor
Dama is a Purdue University grad who started her college career as a biology major before the writing bug took over…
Colleen Weinkam with her hand on her hips.Colleen Weinkam sitting on the ground with her elbow on her knee.
Colleen WeinkamSenior content writer & editor
Colleen is an Ohio University J-school grad who started as a producer for TV news, dipped her toe in the worlds of magazine editing…
Leigh WilkinsLeigh Wilkins
Leigh WilkinsSenior content writer & editor
Leigh graduated from Northwestern with a journalism degree in her hand and a dream in her heart…of not becoming a journalist…