7 Instagram filters for corporate communicators


By now, you’ve probably read all the facts you want to about Instagram. But if you haven’t, here’s a quick refresher:

All this is great, but when you’re using Instagram — let’s be honest — you’re not thinking about facts. You’re thinking about which filter works best for your picture.

But did you ever wonder how your filter selection fits your corporate comms personality?

Let’s explore:

Normal: If you’re not using a filter, you’re probably on Instagram because you’re just keeping an eye on your kids. At the office, you’re happy to have social media as part of your communication strategy, but really, you’re happier that someone else is in-charge of it. You’re seen in the office as someone who is consistent, reliable and dependable…but, c’mon, team #nofilter, don’t let social media keep you away from experimenting every once in a while. Your kids — and your co-workers — are having a lot of fun.

Valencia: You come across as laid back and relaxed, but you’re able to get your point across in big, colorful ways. You might speak softly at meetings, but people hear what you’re saying. Co-workers like coming by your desk because you have a hodgepodge of quirky antiques on your shelves.

Moon: You’re a former journalist, turned PR pro. You used to write ledes, but now you’re writing about the lunch specials on your company’s Intranet. Like the filter, you dream of simpler times — of black and white — but even in the age of social media, try to enjoy the sharp contrasts and richness this PR gig can give you. (Hint: If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, send out an embargoed press release.)

Lo-Fi: Even though that picture of the tuna melt on your desk looks great — nobody wants to smell it. Enough with the foodie pictures, #lofi! Get back to work.

Rise: You’re the heart and soul of the 9-5 corporate communications grind. Just like the filter, there’s always a glow around you. Your communication style is compassionate and friendly. Plus, you’re the “go to” in a crisis because you know how to put any situation in a softer, more forgiving light.

X-Pro II: You picked this filter because you also refer to yourself as an “expert,” “ninja” or “maven.” You’ve spent the majority of your career telling people you know what you’re doing — instead of showing them. You think putting this filter on your photos will make them look “professional,” but hey, shutterbug guru — don’t forget about the rule of thirds.

Mayfair: You always represent what’s in the best interest of your company. You back up all your company’s social media decisions based on research and facts. That’s why you’re using Mayfair: It’s the No. 1 filter choice from Fortune 500 companies. But loosen up your collar during this week’s happy hour and see what happens if you pick a new filter for that grapefruit “mocktail.” Your followers might appreciate your authenticity.

Now that you know your Instagram filter, find out how your hospital can use Instagram effectively.