My goal as the CEO of WriterGirl is to build a company where I would want to work. I want to attract the best talent to our team. Through the years, I’ve learned how to hire a talented, engaging staff that shows up each day, ready to do their best. Here’s how:

Trust your staff

This year, I’m offering my staff something that’s throwing them for a loop: unlimited vacation. Truly. I don’t care how many days they take off. I’m not counting. Taking a week off to go to Rome? Why not make it two? Really. As long as everything is taken care of before they go, I say, bon voyage! I want my employees to enjoy their life, have some fun and then, when they’re ready — come back.

“Slow to hire, quick to fire”

That’s always been my motto. When I hire someone to work at WriterGirl, he or she is on a three-month trial program. That way, we can see if it’s a good fit for both of us. If it doesn’t seem like it’s working out — it’s better to cut off the relationship sooner, rather than later.

Offer affordable health insurance

As a small business owner, I’m not legally obligated to offer my employees health insurance. Especially with the Affordable Care Act, many small business owners are letting employees find their own health insurance through the marketplace. But I didn’t want to do that.

That’s because even though health insurance is a big cost for us, it pays off in the long-term. If I’m recruiting an employee from a bigger company who offers health insurance, I don’t want that future employee to feel like they are taking a “risk” for coming here. I want to remove the barriers to working for a small business.

Keep staff engaged with training

We know healthcare moves fast. We want to make sure our employees are kept up-to-date with the latest trends. That’s why we send our staff to conferences or pay for them to attend webinars. And with our WriterGirl Academy, we’re training each of our contractors (Associates) on the best practices of healthcare communications.

Invest internally

We spend the majority of our time doing work for clients. But sometimes, you’ve got to do something for yourself. Last year, we hired a social media manager and traffic to our website has nearly doubled. This year, we’re going to launch a new website and branding campaign. Investments like these show employees that you care about your brand and where it’s going.

Be bold and have fun!

If you’ve ever seen our staff at a healthcare conference, we’re always the ones out having the most fun. Whether we’re on the dance floor or chatting up people who stop by our booth, you can just tell we’re having a good time. I want to hire people who know how to get their work done — and have a great time doing it. And most important: I want my employees to enjoy each other. When I’m looking at candidates, I’m not just looking at their resume — I’m looking to see how their personality will mesh with ours.

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