By Nina Mitchell

When we see successful people, we may question their paths: How did he get to be where he is? How did she land her dream job so early in her career? Did success just land in their laps? Of course not.

Success usually comes after a lot of failure. The people who keep standing back up after they get knocked down time and time again are the ones who learn the value of resilience. In fact, they learn from the painful times and use those times as motivation to become better versions of themselves. Success comes to those who are constantly seeking to learn and educate themselves.

Keep these 5 keys to success in mind:

  1. Learn to learn. When you fail, you may want to give up or you may feel “stuck.” Self-doubt creeps in and perhaps you lose your desire to keep striving toward whatever goal you had in mind. Instead, try to learn the reasons for the failure. By learning from those mistakes, you’re able to correct yourself the next time around. You may even become an expert in that particular subject!
  2. Do sweat the small stuff. We’ve all heard the phrase “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” But the most successful individuals actually do pay attention to the small stuff — the details. The smallest habits impact our future each and every day.
  3. Set an intention. Being intentional and aware brings perspective to a situation. I like to set intentions for everything from my work projects to my exercise workouts. I find when I set an intention I’m more likely to follow through. Set goals. Train your mind to stick to those goals and chase them!
  4. Surround yourself with positive input. In today’s society, we rarely have a minute to ourselves. If we aren’t surrounded by others all day in an office, we’re connected through digital platforms. We’re not always able to control all that input. Expose yourself to positive materials and content, especially in the mornings, to help you set the right tone for the day.
  5. Be flexible. It’s important to set goals. It’s important to prioritize. It’s important to stay focused. Yet, it’s also important to be flexible. Not every goal will be achieved and not every plan will run smoothly, but the people who stand out and reach success are the ones who stay flexible. Being rigid causes you to lose your flame. Staying flexible keeps you open-minded and allows an abundance of new thoughts to fill your mind.

Whatever keys to success you follow, I hope you make the journey fun. Tell us more about how you find success in your days!