Building brand awareness and trust is vital for your hospital. But you can’t just throw up a billboard or put together a commercial about your “cutting edge” technology and call it a day.

That’s not going to work. What’s going to work is starting a blog. Here are a few reasons why it’s important:

Increase your traffic. If you would like 55 percent more site visits and up to 97 percent more links to your website, an active blog can do that for you.

Help people find you. A well-written blog can help people find you more easily through SEO. Skeptical? Well, these stats on the importance of SEO are hard to ignore.

Market that content. Content marketing the biggest trend for 2015. Why? If you have great content, you’ll be able to build your audience, especially on social media. Remember to repurpose it. A blog can turn inspire a great photo for Instagram or Facebook.

Build your community on what you own. Facebook’s organic reach dropped drastically since its IPO. Who’s to say the same won’t happen with Twitter, or Pinterest, or Instagram? And if you’re “renting” space there, your community could even disappear. Build your own community around your blog and no one can take that away from you.

Show you’re a leader and build trust. Everyone can say they are a leader in their field. But a well-written post can prove it and build trust in your brand. Get a doctor to write a post on why children should be vaccinated. Ask your CEO to write something about your hospital’s latest expansion project. Shocking, but true: You don’t have to be the sole blogger at your hospital. Talk to people in different departments to see who might be up for writing a guest post.

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