All hospitals have great stories to tell. In the past, PR folks could find a story, pitch it to a journalist and there it was…in print or on the evening news. But in a rapidly shrinking media market, what should a hospital marketer do?

Tell their own story!

When a hospital tells its own story and does it well, it can do wonders for brand awareness. The marketing team at Roper St. Francis in South Carolina caught on to the idea and dazzles readers with a great blog.

Here’s why we keep coming back for more:

1. Compelling patient stories. They’ve got a blog category called, “Life Changing Moments.” This highlights amazing videos about patients. For instance, this one is the story Shaun, a man who was trapped for 36 hours with a spinal cord injury when his vehicle flipped. The RSF team helped him walk again. Wow.

2. Quick snapshots on why they’re the place to go. With posts like, “Why We Dig 3-D” the hospital can show off their technological advances.

3. Their experts do the talking. Having a blog with your experts writing posts can help introduce them to the community. “What I Wish Every Woman Knew About Her Breasts” authored by a doc is just the ticket.

4. Fresh content. If you’ve got compelling new content and a site that’s updated regularly, people will keep coming back. RSF is doing a terrific job at finding interesting content for their readers. The team posts about twice a week.

5. Connecting is a snap. From their blog, you can see their tweets, “like” their Facebook page, find a doctor or get to their website. Their blog also welcomes comments.