When it’s snowing outside, do you find yourself asking — to no one in particular, “Do you want to build a snowman?”

Are you over the age of 20 and Santa brought you a plush Olaf for Christmas?

Do you ever fantasize about Kristoff taking you out on a sleigh ride?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be suffering from Frozen fever. But fear not — so are the millions of other people who saw it, too. Frozen isn’t just for kids. In fact, there are a few lessons in the movie that can help you do your job better as a marketer.

Finding the right agency for you

When Princess Anna meets Prince Hans, she declares her love for him immediately. Later, she finds out that he’s not as good as he seems — he’s only interested in becoming King of Arendelle. Let’s say you’re going to get some agency help this year for a few of your projects. Before you break out into a song and dance number, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into by interviewing multiple agencies, requesting referrals and seeing if you can do a month-long trial period.

Your sisterhood can save you

What made this movie so great was that neither girl needed a Prince Charming to swoop in and save the day (sorry, fellas). Now, granted, you might not be working with your biological sisters at your job (and for most of us, that’s probably a good thing), but women dominate the marketing and communications field. But how often do we help each other out and support each other? For example, why does a woman get judged if she leaves early to take care of her sick kid, but if a man does it — it’s almost applauded? There are lots of ways you can be a good “sister” at work. Think about becoming a mentor to younger women, attend women leadership events or if you know someone needs a pat on the back, why not just give her a hug?

Surprise, surprise!

In the duet, “Love is an Open Door,” this back-and-forth stuck with me:

Hans: “We finish each other’s … ”

Anna: “Sandwiches!”

When’s the last time you’ve surprised your customers by giving them something unexpected? Is your Facebook page surprising and delightful? Or are you just posting the same old stuff every day? Don’t assume you know what your customers want and need. Do some consulting, researching and most important — ask them.

Be a character

Everybody in this movie was so well defined. Think about how you project yourself at work — do your co-workers know what kind of work they can expect to see from you? Are you a sunny optimist like the snowman, Olaf? Are you loyal and hardworking like Kristoff? Always up for a new project adventure like Anna? Whatever you are, don’t hold back. In fact, sometimes, you might just have to …

Let it go

Oh, c’mon. You knew that was coming.

Being flexible is just part of your job description as a marketer. You have to be able to adapt to breaking news, last-minute changes and new technology. When it comes to marketing, perfectionism is the enemy of getting things done. You have to decide what’s good enough and then … let it go.

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